what do you think of pet shops who do not keep their word??

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what do you think of pet shops who do not keep their word?? Empty what do you think of pet shops who do not keep their word??

Post by anya on Sat Nov 13, 2010 12:56 am

to all pet lovers...

my 3 babies (shih-tzu)...have been sent to a pet shop for boarding last sunday.this pet shop in taman cannaught seem to be very reliable. the owner of the shop who was apparently a young man and have dogs of his own ...a poodle and a shih-tzu as well..he was also charging 25rm per dog daily with meals and twice shower weekly..TO MY UTTER HORROR.. today when i instructed my parents to go visit my babies .they found out that all 3 of my shih-tzu's were locked up in the same cage. this is so wrong of them..MOST HORRIFYING OF ALL WAS THAT MY SHIH-TZU's WERE ALL DRIPPING WET.

upon seeing this ..my parents started questioning them..they claim to have just washed the cage..any human with a heart or animal lover wouldnt do such a thing..BEST OF THE SHOP OWNER CLAIM TO BE AN ANIMAL LOVER..my dogs been there since last sunday and they have not been showered once. when they were suppose to be showered twice. i dont want to think of what else that had happened to them all week.but they deffinately didnt look happy at all... i would like to advise all owner ...whenever you send pets to boarding..please check on them..i know its not a bed of roses thats been promised but i strongly think pet shop's like this need to end thier business as soon as possible...here i enclose the shop details...




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