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Post by Nezumitaro on Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:24 pm

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Uncle Taro's Yippee-Booth


Keep you eyes on Uncle Taro’s Yippee-Booth, Yippee-Event may happen anytime. This is to encourage and rewarding pet lovers to feed their pets a BALANCED & PROPER diet. Would like to apologies that Uncle Taro’s Yippee-Events may not be very fancy, as Uncle Taro is not really into business, wallet is not that ‘well feed’ Razz. Hope pet lovers will have some little fun here, and more pet owners understand the important of a proper balanced diet, then we will have a better pet tomorrow.

Here come the 1st Uncle Taro’s Yippee-Event!!!

~**~* Photo competition.*~**~
View Yippee-Event.

Title: Get chubby in the HEALTHY way, get Uncle Taro’s Nutri-Smoothie.

Photo: A ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photo of your Hamster or Gerbil on Uncle Taro’s Nutri-Smoothie diet.

Description: A description on what you feel about Uncle Taro’s Nutri-Smoothie, not more than 50 words.

R&R: 1 entry (1 before, 1 after photos & 1 extra, Maxi 3 photos) per member.

Photo will be vote by public in LYN.

Closing date: 9th August 2008.

Vote Date (a poll will be up for vote): 10th August 2008.

Post your photos HERE

Prizes & Gifts

1st Prize: 1 pack of Prestige Hamster Nature 800gm
Uncle Taro's Yippee-Booth PrestigeNatureHamster

2nd Prize: 1 pack of Hoppel-Mobble Hamster
Uncle Taro's Yippee-Booth HoppelMobbel

3rd Prize: 2 packs of Bengy Toilet Sand
Uncle Taro's Yippee-Booth Bengy

All participants are entitle to redeem your small Uncle Taro's Gift in Pet Shack, Sunway, Date: TBA.

If you have not try UncleTaro’s Nutri-Smoothie, GET IT NOW!!!
If you are feeding Uncle Taro’s Nutri-Smoothie, KEEP IT UP!!!


Banner for signy Smile
Uncle Taro's Yippee-Booth Vote

Hamster small gaterhing @ Pet Shack
Date: 30th August 2008
Time: 1pm - 4pm

- Photo Competion prize giving.
- Photo Competition participants redeem your small Uncle Taro's Gift.
- Fatsoso Syrian rehome day. Come play with Fatsoso before they go to new home.
- Small little door gift for everyone.
- Promotion for Uncle Taro's new serial smoothie
- Snacks & drinks will be serve
- best of all...... WE CAN CHAT LIVE!!!!!

Bring you hamaster with you, if you like. but make sure you don't over heat them when travel and also they can take the stress of travel. This gathering is mean to be fun and happy.. it wouldn't be nice if someone crying in the gathering ya!! Our hamster is still the priority.. if they canot come out gai gai... we bring goodies home for them :flex:

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