Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL

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Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL Empty Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL

Post by Nezumitaro on Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:28 pm

Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL LYNTitle
Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL Gerbiltreats

Uncle Taro's products only available @ Pet Shack
Please visit www.petshack.com.my to get directions.

Click image to view products:
Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL NutrismoothieOmegaserial

100ml - RM5.00Nett
400ml- RM12.00Nett Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie for your HAMSTER & GERBIL NEWsmall

Flavours (the variety of flavours will be dependent upon the different fruit seasons):
1. Cool 'n' Crazy - Mint & Green Pepper
2. Real Refresh - Sweet Corn & Pumpkin
3. Mango Frappe - Mango & Apple
4. Red Devil - Dragon Fruit & Red Pepper
5. Sunset Breeze - Carrot & Papaya

Click to view result of 1 month on Nutri-Smoothie Omega 3&6:
The Magic of Nutri-Smoothie Omega 3&6<-- click click here.

About Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie
I would like to share some goodies with all hamster owners. I have been studying and learning a great deal from a reputable hamster breeder in Singapore and have experimented with my own Syrian hamsters with a balanced fresh diet. Feeding a balanced fresh diet has shown me what a difference a proper diet can make. A significant improvement has been seen in terms of their health, growth rate and size.

Providing our hamsters with a good quality commercial hamster mix is insufficient as a balanced fresh diet plays a vital role too. However, an inaccurate fresh diet can also cause diarrhea. I have long discovered that it is not easy for hamster lovers who own only 1 or 2 hamsters to buy a whole lot of fruits and vegetables, especially in light of our weather where fruits and vegetables are unable to last long.

Therefore, I have come up with this Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie idea, which will make life easier for all hamster lovers. One enormous benefit of The Nutri-Smoothie is that the hamster will not be able to pick and choose according to his fancy, ensuring that all necessary nutrition is consumed. Every Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie contains 8 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as eggs, grains, protein, multi-vitamins and home made yogurt. It comes in 5 different delicious flavours. After all, life can get kinda boring if there is only 1 flavour, eh?

Feeding Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie is amazingly simple. All we need to do is:- keep the mix in the freezer, scrape required amount into their bowl and let melt for 5 minutes before serving.

The basic feeding amounts are as follows: (although you can feed as much as your hamster can eat)

Syrian - 1 tablespoon per day
Winter White/ Russian Campbells - 1/2 tablespoon per day
Roborovski - 1 teaspoon per day
Mongolian Gerbil - not more than 1 tablespoon per day

If there are any uneaten portions, they are to be thrown out the next day.

Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie has NO added sugar, NO preservatives and NO added color.

Hope you all will enjoy your Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie.

p/s: all Uncle Taro's Nutri-Smoothie are human consumable.

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