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Before Getting A Sugar Glider Empty Before Getting A Sugar Glider

Post by saramic on Sat Oct 18, 2008 6:12 am

So, decided to be a slave for the next 10-15 years of your life ?

Mentally ready for the daily preparation of chopped fruits & vegetables, defrosting smoothie ?

Physically ready for nibbles, gnaws & scratches on your body ?

Weekly washing of cage, wheel & nail clipping ?

Minimum 1 hour of alone time with your sugar glider everyday to bond ? Because they will forget who you are.

Sure ?

Very SURE ?

10-15 years you know ?

Very Happy


First, you should have read & find out all you can about a sugar glider so basically you must know that before you bring a sugar glider back with you, its home & basic needs must be ready beforehand.

*CAGE - A minimum cage will be the Rm110 bird cage that can be bought in most pet shop.
*FOOD BOWLS - Metal hanging feeding bowls (Rm9 each) are recommended as it is easy to clean & food should be hung high in the cage to prevent accidents as sugar gliders pee & poo wherever they like.
*FRESH FRUITS - Don't go overboard by buying a lot. Get a little bit of different fruits so you can try & experiment. Adult sugar gliders stomach is only as big as the nail on your thumb.
*UNCLE TARO's Suggie Smoothie - Need I say more ?
*WATER BOTTLE - Living World water bottle (less than Rm 10) that small animals use is sufficient. Try to invest in a good quality bottle so it will not leak. Do not put water in bowls as joeys tend to sleep in the bowl.
*SLEEPING POUCH - You can opt to get the "CageStuffs" which consists of a sleeping pouch, hammock & tunnel.
*BONDING POUCH - So you can spend more time with your sugar glider to build trust & bring it out with you.
*WODENT WHEEL - Exercise. In the wild, sugar glider has the whole forest to run.
*CLIMBING ROPES or CHAINS - Again exercise. You can get bird toys for this. A cheaper option will be getting plastic link chains from hardware shops. (Rm 4 per meter)
*CHEW STICKS - Only get apple sticks. You can give them sugar cane but must be removed daily to avoid ants.

Too many things to remember. No worries. Just drop into Pet Shack where you can get everything you need for your sugar glider.

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