Abbysinian (Mix) Guinea Pig For sale

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Abbysinian (Mix)  Guinea Pig For sale Empty Abbysinian (Mix) Guinea Pig For sale

Post by cena robson on Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:00 am

Pet(s):Babies Guinea Pig (Mix ; Abbysinian + Normal + Sheltie)

Package includes:-

Price:Call Pet Shack Razz

Warranty:No warranty

Dealing method:COD

Location:Pet Shack

Contact method/details:sms or call 012-3843603

Pet(s) conditions:Healthy

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Before Getting Your Guinea Pig.

Necessities include:
1. Cage (budget: RM 100) - Please get a rather large one. At least 2ft x 1ft if you can't afford any bigger. GPs grow pretty big, about 27 cm in length (for males) if given the right nutrition so they need ample space. Buy those cage with bars on top but without bard at the feet area. Can cause bumblefeet if they keep stepping on the rails. GPs need proper ventilation or they might get heat stroke.
2. Food bowl (budget: RM10) - Please get a ceramic bowl that can't be toupled over by your GP. Consider his head size so he can comfrtably fit his head into the bowl as he grows larger.
3. Water bottle (budget: RM10) - Get those like Living World bottle lar. Don't ever put water in a bowl as ulternative because stuff may get in the water and foul it, and if ur GP drink it it will become unhealthy. Make sure you get a bottle that fits the size of how much your GP drinks daily.
4. Food (budget: RM 20) - Please buy brands with enhanced Vitamin C. Don't buy those with seeds in it because it will poke and hurt your GP's mouth and throat.
5. Hay (budget: RM 25) - Hay is VERY important. It helps with your GP's digestion and keep their ever-growing teeth in their proper size. Babies should be given alfafa hay for the extra calcium content. Seem adults should start eating timothy hay, which suits their requirements more than alfafa, although alfafa hay can still be given as a treat.
6. Bedding (budget: RM 25) - You can use common wood shavings you can find in the store but please stay away from pine or anything scented as it is very bad for your GP.
7. Nail Clipper (budget: RM20) - You can get the clipper for small animals or small dogs. You can use the human nail clipper but using the animal clipper is so much easier. Please read up on how to clip their nails. Clipping into the quick can cause bleeding and discomfort for your GP.
1. Chew toy: Not sure if GPs chew. My GPs just "hot hot chicken shit" chew a while then don wan dy.
2. Hide house: For them to feel safe. It helps them to feel that they are protected.
3. Comb : GPs shed. So a comb is the proper thing to buy. For long hairs like Sheltie and Peruvian, you must comb daily or it will matt up. For short hairs like American Satin(or the Normal) and Abbysinian, You don't have to comb daily but doing so reduces shedding.
4. Vitamin C - You can get those vitamin C pills like chewies for your GP. GPs are like us in the sense that they do not make their own vitamin C, so they have to get it through their food intake everyday.
Addtional infor:
1. Please offer vegetables everyday. You can google for Veges high in Vitamin C.
2. GPs are herbivorous. Please don't offer meat.
3. Having contact daily wth your GP creates trust. Then they will want your company.
4. GPs like living in groups. But there are some exceptions that don't mix well with others
5. If you've decided to buy a friend for your GP, please be sure that they are the same sex. Or your GPs will breed non stop, which is bad for the mummy GP. To prevent inbreeding, please don't buy 2 from the same store (if you insist to breed them, please read up).
6. Please buy from a home breeder if possible. Some petshop GPs are frequently underaged and underaged Gps might develop problems when growing into adults.
7. Please supervise when your GP has flooring time with other pets. Dogs may be vicious to it, etc etc.
8. GPs can be toilet trained! Then all you have to do is empty the toilet daily while most of the bedding remains clean! GPs are quite intelligent so toilet training is quite easy!
All those things can get from PET SHACK:

Pet Shack (001608384-D)
102, Block A, Mentari Business Park, Jalan PJS 8/5
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
T: +603- 5637 4536 F: +603-5635 2088 E:

Retail opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday - 11am to 8pm
Sunday - 11am to 6pm
Monday and National Public Holidays - Closed

Abbysinian (Mix)  Guinea Pig For sale Petshack

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