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Cavy Babies and Pregnancy Empty Cavy Babies and Pregnancy

Post by cena robson on Thu Oct 16, 2008 11:39 pm

Well, obviously, if you put any two animals, a male and a female, together, they will most likely end up having babies. Yes, it is the same for guinea pigs. Every, about 14 to 18 days, the female goes through her cycle. This is when the mating can take place. The female will lie down on her stomach, with her rear slightly up. After the mating has taken place, you can expect the pregnancy to last about 3 months. Then the babies will be born. On average, there will be 2 or 3 baby guinea pigs in a litter.
It does not really matter whether the father is present or not at the birth. Usually, he won't really care about it, and will stay away. But in some cases the father may choose to be helpful and clean the newborns. Don't be alarmed when blood comes out of the mother after all of the babies have been born. That's a natural part of the pregnancy.
When will I be able to tell that the female guinea pig is pregnant? After about four to five weeks after the mating, the female will become more plump and round around the belly area. She will definitely be heavier. If you put the pregnant female on your lap, you can usually feel the babies moving around inside her.

When can I handle the babies? You are allowed to handle the babies as soon as they are born.

When can the babies be separated from the mother? Baby guinea pigs cannot be separated from their mothers until 3-6 weeks after they are born. This is because the mother needs to wean them and continue feeding them with her milk. Interesting enough, baby guinea pigs can start to eat hay and dry food soon after they are born.

Also, baby guinea pigs are born with their eyes open, and already have their coat of fur. They can run around and play with the other young as well, although they do stay close the mother a majority of the time.

When will the babies be able to mate? The females will be able to have babies when they are about 6 weeks old. Males will be able to mate when they are about 10 weeks old. So make sure that they are separated a good time before those times because a brother guinea pig can mate with his sister! Inbreeding in a family like that is not a good idea, as it can cause genetic defects in later generations.

Should I separate the other guinea pigs from the pregnant one while she is giving birth (and after it)? It varies for different guinea pigs. Some guinea pig mothers would prefer to have her space while giving birth, while others want to have a mate around. This is the same case for having the father present during the birth of the babies.

How do I tell what sex the babies are? It is not always easy to tell what sex a guinea pig is. Sometimes the people at pet stores will accidentally misinform you about what the sex of your animal is.
But what you need to do is set them on your lap facing you. Then turn them vertical so that you can easily see their stomach. To figure out what sex a guinea pig is, all you have to do is gently push on the stomach down near the guinea pig's private parts. You can do this with just two fingers, usually with your index (pointer) and the middle finger, and do this very gently. If the guinea pig is a male, a penis will emerge in the private area. If it is a female, nothing will happen. Also, in a male, there is a greater distance between the penis and the anus. In the female, the private part and the anus are closer together.
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