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Post by coldfusionpower on Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:45 pm


Must be roomy, airy and preferably multi-leveled so that you can have the litter tray and food/water dishes on separate floors to the sleeping quarters. Make sure the cage is sturdy and that the holes aren't too big. REMEMBER - ferrets are like Houdini and can get out through some very small openings. The last thing you'd want is to come home and find your cage empty, and your ferret gone. Very bad for the BP!

If the floors are mesh, get some vinyl off cuts to put down on the mesh so that the ferret doesn't hurt its feet. Make sure you position the cage in an area where there is no direct sunlight to heat the cage up. REMEMBER -- ferrets aren't able to sweat so can get heat stroke easily if the temperatures get hot.

:shakehead: Do NOT keep your ferret in an aquarium or small rabbit cage

Accessories for the cage
A heavy food dish. A water bottle with a spout to attach to the cage. This is better than having a bowl of water in the cage because as sure as eggs are eggs, it will get tipped over and you'll be left to clean up the mess.A hammock, or two even. Depends on how many levels your cage has.Old cotton T-shirts, sweaters or tracksuits make great bedding but whatever you choose, make sure the ferret can't catch its nails on the material.

I've seen a number of toys which are marketed especially for ferrets in pet stores but do you really need to buy them?You can get flexible black tubes hardware store. They do enjoy running through tubes and pipes so if you rig something up in a room for your ferret, it will have a field day going through them.

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