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Ferret 101

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Ferret 101 Empty Ferret 101

Post by coldfusionpower Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:54 pm

Family Connections
Ferrets belong to the Mustelidae family and, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (15th edition), that group contains a variety of animals unmatched by any other family in the Carnivora Order except the civets (Viverridae).

The family includes the weasels, polecats, minks, martens, fishers, wolverines, otters, badgers and a number of less well-known animals, a total of about 70 species in 25 genera.

In most mustelids the males are larger than the females.

All members of the mustelid family have anal glands with powerful musk. Ferrets give off a "stink bomb" when they get frightened or excited but the smell usually dissipates quickly.

Most mustelids have short legs and many tend to have an elongate, slender body. They are quiet, agile, and graceful in their movements. They are also basically silent animals, usually making only a sound like a squeak, whistle or bark. Many will snarl or growl when annoyed.

The giant otter is the most vocal, giving off a high-pitched whistle, while excited yellow-throated martens make a harsh cry and often chuckle in a low tone.

Almost all mustelids are active both day and night, although most of their activity is nocturnal.

The Physical Ferret - Tech Specs
Here are some facts and figures about ferrets

Adult Size
Blokes (boys): Length - 43 - 61cm (17" - 24")
Weight - 1.3kg - 2.2kg (2.8lb - 4.8lb)

Sheilas (girls): Length - 30.5 - 41cm (12" - 16")
Weight - 450g - 1.3kg (15oz - 2.8lb)

Ferret 101 Milokahluacomparison

Ferrets can live up to 10 years old. However there have been occasions when ferrets have lived up to 14 years.

Because they are so prone to cancers, it's hard to tell how long they'll be with you. In America they reach middle age around 3 years old, whereas in Australia and probably England, 6 years is considered middle age for ferrets.

Unsterilized vs sterilized
Unsterilized females can die from aplastic anemia if left on heat. It is therefore much better for both the ferret and its owner for the females to be sterilized around 6 months old.

Unsterilized males have a very strong and unpleasant smell when in rut, and they tend to be aggressive with other males and drag any females around by the scruff of their neck so would need to be caged on their own. Unless you are a breeder (and it is NOT RECOMMENDED that you breed just for the heck of it), it is strongly advised that males be sterilized as soon as they start smelling a bit high and getting rough with the rest of your ferrets or with you - usually around 6 months old at the latest.

Sweat Glands
As they have poorly developed sweat glands, they'll suffer if the temperature goes over 32C (90F). It's a good idea to put them inside an air-condition room and small fan for carrier when travel.

Male ferrets have a baculum (os penis). This is a bony structure which serves to "lock" the pair when they are mating. If you check a boy's stomach, it looks a bit like a 'belly button'. Girls don't have anything like that on their stomachs so that's an easy way to tell the difference between the two sexes.

Ferret 101 Milobaculum

Are Ferrets Crepuscular? Diurnal? Nocturnal?
I have seen statements that feral ferrets are solitary and nocturnal (active at night) but show diurnal (active chiefly in the daytime) activity as pets. I have also seen websites claiming that ferrets are crepuscular (meaning they like to play at dawn and dusk).

As ferrets sleep for around 18-20 hours a day, when are they active and happy to play with their owners? I can tell you that they are up and active when they wake up and decide they're done sleeping and want some fun.

Weasel War Dance
I think the term weasel war dance is basically a misnomer. I reckon it should be the wacky weasel dance, or even the weasel wacky dance! View It Here

Ferrets don't do their war dance to prepare for a bout of martial arts but because they are happy and exuberant and full of the joys of spring, autumn, summer, winter -- whatever! It just doesn't matter. What a fabulous way to embrace life.

Vocal interaction
Ferrets aren't particularly vocal. Some will 'chuckle' as they wander around the place, as if they're talking to themselves. Others will 'chuckle' when with another ferret. It sounds like a low pitched "dook dook dook dook dook" coming from their throats. When angry or scared, ferrets can hiss loudly or even let out a short, loud 'scream' almost.

The bottlebrush
When a ferret gets excited or frightened, it will puff up its tail like a bottlebrush.

Ferret 101 Bottlebrush

Ferrets comes in numbers of colours. visit here and here and here for more detail. :thumbs: :wub:

Product/Service Cost Yearly Cost for A Ferret for 1-3 Years of Age Yearly Cost (USD)

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Ferret 101 Empty Re: Ferret 101

Post by coldfusionpower Sun Nov 16, 2008 8:56 pm

Tame ?
I prefer not to use the term tame/untamed ferrets since all pet ferrets are domesticated ferrets. The reason for bites could be many, nervousness, self defense or lack of socializing.

Extra Resource from Ferret.Com


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