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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations Empty Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:12 am

We try to make this forum as friendly as possible but we still require the rules to be followed. Flaunting of the rules will result in either issued warnings or permanent bans.

Upon registration, your IP address is recorded and this will be verified to your email address. Each member is entitled to only one user account on MyPetsForum. Registering additional accounts will result further action taken. If there are more than one user in your household, please PM the Admin and we will monitor these additional accounts.

If you would like to discuss about something that is different from the topic of a thread, please start a new thread.

If a discussion gets off-topic, moderators may have to move the posts to the appropriate threads.

Please ensure you do a search before posting for existing topics. Irrelevant topics will be moved or closed without prior notice or warning.

No attacks, threats, insults, name-calling or inflamed speech will be tolerated.
Personal arguments should be carried out in private. Please use the Private Messaging (PM) email systems or other available chat programmes on the internet instead.

Posts that are inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, rude, mean, nasty, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of any law are not permitted. Members should contact the moderator/administrator via the report button or through the email and PM system.

Do not advertise of products or services on discussion chanels. Do it in Garage Sales: Pets Mall(pets related) or Night Market(non pets related) instead. Any advertisements in the wrong channels will be deleted by the administrator without prior warning and the offending member will be given a warning.

Stud service or pet pairing discussions are prohibited. The topic will be deleted and a warning will be issued. Repeated offenders will be banned.

For pet adoptions , please go to the respective pet threads. There are individual topics there for adoptions. If unavailable, please PM a moderator or admin to have the pet posted.

No SPAM. Members should not post empty or unrelated messages simply to annoy or increase a member's post count. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.

No Pornographic Material. Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated.

No illegal software or illegal content (which include pornography, music and videos). This includes hyperlinks to such illegal materials. Such posts will be edited or deleted by the administrator without any warning and the member will be given a warning. Repeated offenders will be banned.

Avatar abuse will not be allowed. This includes the use of offensive pictures. The offending member will lose the right to use an avatar.

Do not quote the entire message that you're responding to, only the relevant segment.
Do not use all uppercase letters in postings as this is equivalent to shouting and considered very rude.

Please maintain short signatures in your postings. Do not include abusive language or inflammatory comments in your signatures.

If a topic appears to be breaking one of the above rules, please use the report button or email. This will alert a channel moderator that the topic needs to be moderated. Do not abuse the report system such as using the report system to talk to the moderators.
Anyone deemed to be disrupting the Forum for whatever reason will be dealt with accordingly.

We reserve the right to amend these rules and regulations without prior notice.

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